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How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

September 30, 2022
Posted By: West Creek Dental

Your dental bridge in Austin, TX, can last up to a decade and sometimes longer. However, prosthetic and restoration longevity depends on many factors, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly how long yours might last. For example, taking excellent care of your teeth and gums can contribute to bridge and restoration longevity.

Also, bad habits like chewing ice can compromise your bridge (and natural teeth). Your dentist in Austin or a dental team member can provide custom tips to help you make the most of your dental bridge and potentially increase its lifespan.

What Are Dental Bridges in Austin, TX?

A dental bridge is a popular fixed tooth replacement option. It consists of bridge teeth (artificial teeth) fabricated between dental crowns. Your dentist places a crown over the healthy tooth on either side of the smile gap, forcing the bridge teeth to complete your smile. A bridge may also be secured with a dental implant.

Of course, the supporting teeth must be healthy and strong to support your bridge. Your dentist will determine whether a dental bridge suits you at your initial consultation. At this visit, we can share information about all tooth replacement options, tell you what to expect, and answer your questions.

Taking Care of Your Dental Bridge

Your dentist provides follow-up care instructions. But you want to keep your bridge clean and the area beneath it free of debris. For these, we recommend a floss threader and special cleaning brush, which we’ll talk to you about in our dental office.

Gum health is crucial for bridge longevity, and it’s also essential to keep the supporting teeth in working condition through excellent oral hygiene and regular dental care.

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