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Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Store-Bought Whitening Kits

October 27, 2021
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Everyone wants a white smile free of stains and blemishes. However, many people turn to store-bought whitening kits to address these issues, resulting in inconsistent, sub-par treatment. 

At West Creek Dental, we offer affordable teeth whitening customized to meet each patient’s needs. Whether you have dark stains from coffee or sensitive teeth, Dr. Poonam Gokhale can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. 

The Problem with Store-Bought Whitening Kits 

Though many people consider store-bought kits worth the price and effort, we can’t help but disagree. These kits are not customized for each user, and the bleaching agent usually is very harsh on the teeth. 

Not only can the bleach damage the enamel, but it can also cause chemical burns on the gums and tooth sensitivity. Ultimately, store-bought kits are designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, making them less effective than professional teeth whitening kits. 

If you want to erase years of stains and brighten dull teeth, professional teeth whitening is the way to go. 

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening 

At West Creek Dental, your dentist can gently and thoroughly remove stains and whiten dull, dark, or yellow teeth. Whether you have minor stains or deep discoloration, professional teeth whitening can improve the appearance and health of your smile. 

In-Office Whitening 

Our in-office whitening ensures immediate results. In a single appointment, you can have a smile that’s several shades brighter than when you arrived at our office. 

To start, your dentist reviews your goals and oral health history to ensure you get the best treatment. Your dentist then cleans your teeth, removes any lingering food particles or bacteria, and applies the medical-grade whitening agent. This bleaching solution penetrates the teeth’s pores and dissolves stain-causing molecules, resulting in whiter teeth. 

Professional whitening is safe and gentle on sensitive teeth and guarantees an even, symmetrical appearance. In one dental visit, you can enjoy a fresh set of pearly whites free of splotches, streaks, or mottling. 

Though the results are long-lasting, they aren’t permanent. To maintain your white teeth, you’ll need to come in for maintenance appointments or use our take-home whitening kit. 

Take-Home Whitening 

We offer take-home whitening kits so patients can lighten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes. Take-home whitening is perfect for last-minute touch-ups or simply for preserving a consistently white grin. Your dentist will review detailed instructions on the proper use of the product for optimal outcomes. 

Safe and Effective Teeth Whitening in Austin, TX 

Are you looking for teeth whitening in Austin? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can whiten your teeth and make your smile sparkle

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