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How long do dentures last?

Dentures are a long-term solution for tooth loss. Many patients of all ages wear dentures to eat, speak, and socialize confidently and efficiently. Dentures can also protect edentulous patients from gum disease and other issues that often accompany tooth loss. Though dentures are highly durable, they are not indestructible or permanent. Over time, your dentures may need replacement orwoman smiling with dentures | dentures austin tx repairs to keep them in top-notch condition.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Dentures usually last seven to 10 years, but they can last longer if you take excellent care of your smile. Some dentures can even last for 15 years! Ensuring your dentures stay strong, function, and attractive means brushing and flossing daily, eating a healthy and denture-friendly diet, and visiting your dentist for routine examinations. Your dentist can check the fit and condition of your dentures, clean them, and provide support and advice for optimal denture care.  

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