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Does it hurt to get a crown and how long will it take?

We don’t believe that any dental treatment should hurt. End of story. Dental Crowns are a common treatment. Dental Crowns are a great choice that can help us preserve a tooth that might otherwise be lost. 

Dental crowns in Austin, TX are used to support and protect teeth that are damaged by trauma or decay or structurally weakened because of infection or extensive fillings (which is sometimes the case following root canal therapy). The goal of placing a crown on your damaged tooth is to restore it to full function so that you can chew, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence.

Placing a crown or a bridge requires at least two appointments. We work with a trusted local dental lab to create all of our restorations, and it usually takes a couple weeks for them to craft your crown or bridge and send it back to us. 

What Happens During a Dental Crown Consultation at West Creek Dental?

At your first dental crown appointment at West Creek Dental, we'll adjust the shape of the tooth that are going to be fitted with the crowns.  We'll then take impressions of the shaped teeth and send these, along with images and Dr. Gokhale's detailed instructions, to the lab that will create your restoration. 

To protect your shaped teeth and keep you comfortable, we'll place a temporary restoration.

When your restoration returns from the lab, you'll return to our  dental office for your next appointment. At this appointment, Dr. Gokhale will test the restoration in place to check that it looks good and fits correctly. When both you and Dr. Gokhale are happy with the fit, we'll bond the restoration in place permanently. 

You'll appreciate the comfort and esthetics of well-designed crowns and bridges at West Creek Dental. 

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